The Mayan Prediction


Time to express the authentic truth:

The Warrior wave teaches to bring the learning to the heat and the element of fire and to bravely delve into the ego’s objections. Either connected to the soul or identified with the fighting ego. The only war that is going on is to stop identifying with it and it is actually happening within us. The constant struggle between being able to see things from a wide perspective and the darkness and blindness expressed by the daily difficulties of our lives demands that we learn to express in thoughts, words and deeds the wisdom of our soul. Every moment we have a disturbing thought, a painful feeling, someone who is difficult for us and they create a limited polar reality and therefore along the wave Earth is challenging to heal the wounded and bleeding body. I don't understand wars but a little bit of illness: There must be a fundamentally negative and destructive essence that leads to serious and real illness in a person's body or alternatively to the escalating waves of terror and disasters in earth's body. The great wars between peoples, sectors and the small ones between football fans or neighbors express a huge collective illness with the same characteristics as personal illness. For many years unconsciously and automatically, thoughtful poisoning occurs until the war or illness reaches the body and the soil. The sick person has wrong beliefs and they are the source of pain and destructive thoughts. To recover, one must boldly change the source of beliefs. But the habits that have been developed are comfortable and "safe" places and most of us are afraid to go through the difficulty of a fundamental change and remain with the known and chronic pain. After years of devastating survival tactics, the Warrior wave teaches tenderness and mental and emotional flexibility to our rigid beliefs as individuals and groups. To me, the way to reach peace on earth is through a collective mass of people who have come to a relative peace within themselves and are capable of transmitting thoughts of peace, love and renewal is possible across all channels. No matter how peace comes, what is important is to think steadily and firmly that peace and love are possible. Ending the wave with the Star that shines the soul light in the heart indicates a connection to the soul perspective that does not judge, categorize or fight. Hopefully we will reach a collective mass that will bring world peace and tranquility. May we Learn to enjoy the small, simple and everyday things with the understanding that nothing is given for as as granted. May we be gratefull everyday the right to life within a body. Knows how to be generous to ourselves and continue to make generous gestures to each other and that we can be the person we are in this body and that we will send hope for miracles and renewal and quiet and calm days in ourselves and throughout the world. Amen!



24/1/20 The beginning of the Warrior wave: The Warrior teaches to fight voices from the outside and from the inside that prevents the expression of our authentic voice of our soul in this body. The goal in the wave is to exercise boldly and gracefully what we believe in and no matter what the issue is. We have no other way to go but the exact way we are and each way is just one out  infinite options. We learn to let go of all the concepts! All the 'shoulds', 'needs' and 'acceptable' disappear when we are true to our authentic essence. The Warrior teaches to connect the "learning" to the heat - to the inside fire and to bring the essence to the everyday, the routine. In the overall process of life ,and specifically during the wave, we explore, test and connect to the individual truth that exists in our body at the moment. Freedom of choice is allowed when releasing the identification with the ego with it’s narrow and limited need for its possibilities. The Warrior fights bondage for recycled thoughts expressed in addictions and dependence. He quietly watches the happenings on his life map, thoroughly explores various aspects and directing with elegance and courage to the place that is most right for him. After letting go of the old with the Night wave, and allowing the new to be added into our lives, we are invited to boldly express our voice in our changing reality. We become independent in the field experience an inner sense of freedom in knowing our truth, that touches all life aspects. Through the wave,  we will breathe a Warrior into the cells of the body and feel the reel in the third eye open, breathe and connect to a sure inner knowing and to the inspiration of our immense soul.


25/1: Gate Day: Second day in Earth Energy: The message from Earth is that it's time to sober up beyond the illusions and stories we tell ourselves and start acting in real life. In order to express our authentic voice we must be rooted in the existing reality of all that exist and real in it. In the present era with endless stimulations all around, many seek happiness outside and forget that in fact everything is within us here and now. Instead of wasting energy on uncertain future conclusions and diverse scenarios that may occur, the Earth teaches to concentrate on actual reality and what is happening in it right now. Create a stable inner anchor with thick roots that penetrate the depths of the soil. In touch, in walking barefoot, in connection with animals, plants, stones and crystals or in any way that suits us. The inner anchor stabilizes when we are in the process of forming our thoughts from the force to the material. By our choices and actions, as we project a frequency of love, we also influence others and the entire world and no persuasion to the surroundings is needed for the righteousness of our way. Standing firmly on the soil of life connects to the center of the heart and allows our branches of talent to spread across the soul. The earth has very feminine energy that connects to softness, patience and compassion. We release destructive sounds and act from a containing, positive and awake place. The Earth synchronizes us with significant situations and encounters that seek to shake dormant parts of us and our lives that causes destruction, detachment and sickness and teach that every moment is precise, growing and teaches us. Today we will breathe Earth, experience a sense of stability and rooting within the body and choose daily content that opens our hearts. Breathe in, experience a sense of belonging to the universe and transmit a frequency of love and peace to all the inhabitants of the earth. Amen!



26/1: 3rd day in Mirror Energy: At the beginning of the focus towards solving the Earth challenge, the mirror puts a sword in our hands that cuts through illusions and allows us to see through the illusion of mirrors and reality. We release all the "shoulds" about ourselves and about others. Our judgmental attitude to surrounding reflections is subjective translation that projects on the outside and does not allow authentic realization. Everyone and the information system they grew up on and instead of fighting and criticizing, the Mirror allows to see and then see through. We spend a great deal of energy on the outside trying to impress, prove that we are special, get feedback, please the environment and meet "accepted" social norms. The Mirror teaches to see these vibrations and stop them. We are invited to learn about ourselves through the various reflections and to change parts that are unpleasant to us in ourselves. The Mirror symbolizes concentration and focus and allows for more and more presence in the moment, without unnecessary thoughts about the unknown future and "what will be" in it. Today we will breathe a Mirror into the body, surround ourselves with a pyramid of gold where we will focus on liberating and forgiving ourselves and the Mirrors. Then we imagine our desires to be realized easily and quickly.


According to Chinese wisdom, the energy these days is called "moderation", "modesty" (Hexagram 15), according to which if we balance extreme situations, complete tasks that we have begun (Earth 2) and keep honesty with ourselves (mirror 3), the goals we set for ourselves will fulfil (Warrior 1) The Chinese add that we must remember to do everything in modaretion to limit far-reaching fantasies and stay focused on the contemporary moment (Mirror 3).

27/1: 4th day in Storm Energy: On Mental Sowing Day, the Storm increases our self-esteem and aims at being able to contain and deal with everything. We are invited to accept this belief into our belief system. To become grounded in our unique ways we must release the (imagined) gap between what is desired and what exists. Even if we sometimes seem to have no choice and the reality of the outside forces things upon us, it is "just" painful information that exists in our minds that has been projected into the world and has become a reality. The Warroir’s thorough investigation extends our angle of vision and allows for re-selection in various aspects of reality. The cables we think we live in are our patterned creation. We learn to connect with the soul's perspective on every pain that exists in us. The confidence to leap into the turbulent waters of life and express our individual truths rests on belief in ourselves, in the capabilities of our own and the entire universe. The Storm allows to cure any kind of obstruction that exists within us and our environment - physical, emotional, mental or energetic. The healing of pain increases the motivation to take root in this body and in this reality while bravely expressing the voice of the authentic Warrior. Today we will breathe a Storm into every cell in the body and say, "I am healing myself." We will continue to breathe and also seek collective healing.


28/1: 5th day in Sun Energy: The process of authentic voice discovery with the Warrior connects us today to the fire of the sun that feeds with warmth and brightness ideals and clear knowing to our hearts. This fire shins on another part of the pain discovered by the Storm and fills us with an inner creative energy that enables the realization of the authentic voice. The motivation to take root more and more in the body and in reality also rests on the ability to be clear about our ways of action. That is why the Sun teaches to focus on the facts themselves and develop them into logical sequences. The Sun clarity allows us to focus on things that are really important to us now and releases confusion and dispersion that make it difficult to create. The Sun also allows for gestures of generosity to ourselves and others that lead to the flow of the pleasant and caressing spring Sun. The warmth in the chest area and the generous gestures strengthen the sense of the ground and increase the connection to our original soul ideas that pass us by at any moment. Today we will imagine a golden Sun in the center of our hearts that fills us with light, tenderness, renewable information and inner warmth. We will breathe deeply and broadcast them to all the inhabitants of the earth.



29/1: Tune 6 in Dragon Energy: In our stabling process of grounding in the Warrior wave, the female energy today invites us to relax and nourish the body, emotions and brain. It allows us to re-evaluate what we have already done and went through in this life and to discover and acknowledge the important fact that we have already realized some things in real life. And invites us to recognize and realize that there are already a number of things that objectively can be called achievement. With the help of the Dragon maternal acceptance today, it is possible to gradually release criticism and destruction that impede inner and collective peace and experience the peace in the heart. What loosens our hands regularly is the focus on lack and nothing that causes us to have our really basic confidence in our truth, and to a lack of belief that it’s even possible to live in an authenticity that is not in relation to the other and the world. On balance day towards the peak of the wave, femanin energy aims to fill our thoughts positively about who we are, the various processes we have gone through and in general about everything that is happening to us. Focusing on what we do have within us, to us and in our lives, fills us with energy and leads to acceptance of ourselves and our reality of all that is in it. Today we will breathe a Dragon and experience the hugging mother we have in us. The maternal embrace allows us to be born into the reality of a brotherhood in which a man of his authentic faith will live. Amen!


30/1: Tune 7 in Wind Energy: The Wind at the peak of the wave reminds us to breathe first. Although breathing sounds very reasonable to all of us, most of us do not breathe right at all. Breathing balances all body cells and is a basic key to exercise, movement and life. Each aspiration reconnects us to our soul and teaches that you cannot inhale too much - accept, or exhale too much - give. So that we can ground with the Earth and express the Warrior's voice, the Wind fills the chest area with air and the brain with oxygen in which is very essential for our learning and concentration. It also deepens the Warrior's question and empowers the ability to express with grace the truth that is revealed to us. So that we can walk with this truth peacefully, the Spirit enables us to express ourselves clearly, in all languages ​​to all people. In the peak of the grounding process, it refreshes our ways of communicating with the environment and allows for a sharp and elegant expression of our desires and needs. At times, it seems that reality is difficult and complex and in order to achieve a sense of realization, one must try very hard and even suffer. At the peak of the Wind process, we focus on the real facts themselves without the translation that causes suffering and instills lightness and joy into the flow of life. Today we will breathe Wind into all the cells of the body and move lightly with humor and inspiration.


A lot of things are happening at the same time as the Earth challenge. Lots of ideas, options, meetings and progress. According to Chinese wisdom, the seventh to tenth days of the wave are called "adaptation" (Hexagram 17), in which we learn when to act (Wind 7) and when to rest (Night 8) and how to adapt to the needs of time, society, and the period (Earth 2). We learn to be a part of the existing state in which to act (Seed 9).



31/1: Gate Day: 8th day wtih Night energy: When you see the light at the end of the pain tunnel and realize that reality depends solely on our thoughtful projections, the light of hope is filling us from within. The Night expands the understanding that reality is an illusion created by our limited brain and that once healing the soul's subjects, there is no limit to what can be created in it. What limits us is not the physical body but the misinterpretation we give to present and past events. The painful emotional information blinds our site and make us identify with the pain and to a resistance to the real that exists, On the day of the inner house check, we are invited to shine a great darkness in the sacred night-hall inside us: "What is the deep pain that keeps me from going out into the world big time?" ", How attentive am i to myself and how much to the outside voices" ?, "where do I feel uncomfortable in my daily activities" ?, "How comfortable do I feel in my body? In my home? In my reality? In what parts of it?" "How much do I allow myself to do as I please?" As we truly agree to look into the depths of pain, the ancient fears of inner war rise. Changing the angle of  viewing at tham helps to heal them and to feel at ease in our bodies, in our home and in the universe. Today we will breathe Night, fill with clearty the noise in the brain and expand to see our mighty soul. Our willingness to go through the process in the wave it self, even if we deal with threatening trauma, finally allows infinite abundance to come into our lives.

19/1, the ninth day of Monkey energy: Deciphering the way to a creation of change comes with the brilliant, energetic and amused monkey that fills us with lightly and renewed inspiration. It emphasizes that life is not really serious. On the contrary. They are a fascinating mystery that is a huge playground full of joyful surprises. A light approach allows to flow with the constant change of existence. The observation with the Night for the depth of the pain can lead to over-seriousness and heaviness and maintaining an optimistic and humorous 'Monkey like’ perspective helps to flow with internal and external changes. In Western society, we have been educated to think that a responsible adult man controls the reality of his life and keeps his emotions and dreams to himself. The wave process takes a positive turn as we take out our desires and stop imprisoning them in the inner darkness of our minds. The inner code of the wave teaches to express our authentic voice freely, without judging the various thoughts, feelings and situations, thus creating an inner space that allows the change to occur. Today we will breathe a Monkey to all body cells and be filled with inspiration, humor, renewed ideas and original solutions. We will breathe and connect with a playful and light-hearted way of life and with it we will flow pleasantly in the daily activities of life.

20/1, the tenth day and again a gateway energy, Human energy: We sometimes limit new opportunities in advance because we do not think our desires can be fulfilled in the existing reality. Human today helps release doubts and mental manipulations about the world, reality and the way we are "supposed" to go. We have all been absorbed in such "supposed" and others that do not allow us to listen to ourselves. The gate of the Human makes it possible to follow the internal guidance. Agrring to change grows as we listen to the desire running with the adventures of life and the abundance of magnetising abbondance to our lives, rather than following the narrow and limited need for information and the possibilities it inherents. We believe that in order to fulfill the obligations and responsibilities we have, there is only one way to go by and it’s by the head (the heart way is not possible) that's why we move in the automatic gear of external stories instead of living the authentic self. Human teaches to release mental "loops" of the feverish head that does not allow living our will. On the day of completing the change process, it also helps to observe at the heart of around us, with no thoughtful criticism and automatic implications. We release the "should" from ourselves and also stop judgments about the environment and respect "the Human as he is". Each one and the way he chooses himself and it has nothing to do with us. Today we will imagine a Human in the body cells and connect to the voice of the heart. We will listen to It, let go of one or two "shoulds", seek solutions to all difficulties and walk happily and excitedly along the way in life.


The 21/1, the 11th day in the energy of the SkyWalker: Looking at the depth of the night shows us our broken boundaries. To change and move with new possibilities, SkyWalker teaches to guard the vulnerable parts in us and to protect ourselves with clear boundaries to the other and the world. On the day of the release of what is still halting the change, the SkyWalker makes it clear that it is simply permissible and even desirable that we pay attention to what we need and feel. It's not that the other is less important, but that we are also very important. Sometimes we get exhausted with dynamics with energies that drain us to the point where we have no energy to do what we really want. SkyWalker fills us with assertiveness and love, increases our awareness of the limits of our will, and resolutely releases situations in which we are not attuned to that desire. We are learning to set boundaries for all types of internal and external criticism and the surrounding claims and norm. The boundaries allow us to create our own space where we study and investigate, connect with our desires and relax. We are all invited to sit in a sheltered home hall today, surround ourselves with a round sphere of SkyWalker and deepen in the subject that seeks to be studied in the wave. SkyWalker expands the perspective and increases our vigilance for specific details. After the private investigation, it invites us to move decisively and with a heart full of compassion for the elegant and brilliant realization of the changes we are interested in.

The 22/1, the 12th day of solving the Seeds challenge with the Magician: The process of looking at the internal demons leads to an inner knowledge of a Magician. With the priestess in the solution we know that our inner thoughts projected out create our reality. A miracle is the result of a connection to the soul and the magician teaches that connecting to the inner voice allows us to go far with new things in our lives. When we affirm ourselves, accept our different parts and believe in our abilities, we make changes. As we move beyond the "safe" zones and allow ourselves to experiment with different situations, we become the crystal magician and there is no limit to the power that can be revealed in us. The seed in the challenge flooded with a sense of danger that if we flow with new possibilities, we will lose control of ourselves and our lives. We all have a fear of the unknown that fixes us on the femilliar and predetermined structures. Many things have surfaced in the wave of the night and when the Magician in us is connected with his power of inner knowing, we release control and know exactly how to move within the full range of life choices. Working on changing automatic habits has enabled the release of 'stuck' and 'frozen' situations from our lives. In solving the wave of the night, we rely on ourselves and do not need outside approval and reinforcements. We are invited to breathe a Magician and experience inner honesty, simplicity and self-knowledge. We will breathe and agree to the change that was previously out of our possible range. We will breathe more and create colorful and joyful surprises in our playground of life, Amen. 


According to Chinese wisdom, these days are characterized by an energy called "innocence" (Hexagram 25). Accordingly, it is time to flow spontaneously with everything that is going on (Monkey 9) while preserving our well-being and health (Sky 11). We must also act on behalf of others and pay attention to the valuable information that now appears (Megician 12). Than we will receive surprising opportunities and new ideas (Eagle 13).

The 23/1, the 13th day in Eagle Energy: At the end of the wave we unfurl our royal eagle wings, look from an objective perspective on the unfolding landscape and flow freely inspired by the fascinating realities of life. The wave of the Night turns us into a cosmic Eagle with a big heart, strong faith and inner strength to continue the road. We rise slowly from the dark caves of our mind and feelings with the night, to a free flight of endless possibilities with the eagle. From brave contemplation of ancient fears to a very wide and open view of life. The inward inquiry process leads to an understanding of a soul lesson that has been hiding under the pain we have experienced. The Eagle at the End of the Wave chooses to enjoy the various moments of his life, wisely changes situations in which he is uncomfortable and moves in an inspiring way through different parts of his life. The Seed challenge has brought welcome changes to our lives and made us active creators of our reality. The uplifting Eagle we have become sharply sees the bits of life and knows exactly how to give birth to every idea and make it a real creation. Another message of the eagle full of hope today is the intention for unity, cooperation and mutual will. The Great Eagle at the end of the wave indicates caring about the other and changing attitudes from individuals whose sole purpose is to get to themselves, into a united humanity that cares for others. We began with the Night when we agreed to look boldly into the inner darkness with the discouraging gap between the wanted ideal and the existing difficult reality and we conclude with a shared vision of the Great Eagle. Today we will breathe an Eagle into all the cells of the body and jump with excitement to the flow of life while expressing our diverse authentic and elegant desires. Artist!


The Night wave ends and we lovingly welcome the incoming Warrior wave.


Wishing the night will shine our lives with new light and information,

And any change will bring joy, health and happiness.