The Mayan Prediction

Time to create an anchor in the eye of the storm:

The coming wave of the Storm is a wave of deep and thorough general healing and therefore it’s likely that we’ll be exposed to the sensitivities and vulnerabilities in us. In preparation for the wave I would like to write a brief introduction about and for the people I call 'the most sensitive' and among them myself. We live here in a linear polar reality. The illusion of the Matrix stands in its chicky solidity and every day redetadly, everything seems to be fixed and steady. but! In fact, at any given moment, everything falls apart and comes into existence and is in constant motion. There is a very sensitive part of the population that simply knows that within this physical body, of each and every one of us, there is a mighty soul. The gap between knowing the soul that i am and physical reality can be devastating when one doesn’t know how to contain the intensity of the emotions flood. The sensitivity of the sensitive people is actually to the frequencies. Any change in frequency causes a greater contraction and difficulty to function and "chase"  after titles, achievements, and goals in "everyday" reality. Each of us has a number of soul subjects to learn in this body and according to the topics each of us has experienced traumas throughout his life, but the most sensitive ones remain 'stuck' in the pain that constantly overwhelms them. Lack of information and tools can lead to great emotional flooding that can be called 'madness' by those who are unaware of the broad human structure. The big frustration is that there are hardly any options for these sensitive people. Medicine has evolved in many fields, including technology, science, alternative medicine and more. But the field of mental health has hardly developed at all. And there stands the source of the problem, in the definition itself - because the soul, is just fine, but most people don't have the awareness to what exists beyond the physical. We are here in the body to live in it and through it and once a person fails to connect the brain to the body and reality, the almost sole solution for him is psychiatric medication. Certainly in many situations the drugs are definitely helpful and good that they exist. But the essential thing is to heal the painful source and realize that it is part of the soul lessons in this body. The sensitive among you reading the Mayan waves, while you are in pain or difficulty, know that you are not alone! even if the pain seems unbearable. Mayan knowledge is intended to connect us to the frequency of being and love. The waves give us concrete help, day in and day out and gradually heal and allow the heart to live in a quiet presence. You are welcome to breathe the symbols into the body cells and immediately expand into the soul perspective. The wave of the storm teaches that our mighty soul is pouring love to us constantly and so are loved ones who accompany us and they are here. The storm allows healing of deep pain that limits awareness of the constant connection with our soul and with it the possibilities that exist for us, here under the nose. Wishing all of us moments of connection to the power of the quiet heart and that in wave of the storm we will connect to the spirit of life in this wonderful human body and be grateful for the right to live this precious life! Amen.

29/9: Tone 1 of the storm wave in Storm energy: The storm symbolize a safe support of a stable internal anchor. It teaches to create a solid center and cradles within us with confidence in ourselves and the entire universe so we can jump into the fascinating sea of ​​life. The Anchor of the eye of the Storm exists first and foremost within us and as a result of internal work is also formed in intimate relationships, friendships, family relationships and in the broader sense, in various types of communities and network connections. Mayan people used to wear the storm symbol as a mascot for healing and along the wave, there is the potential for healing deep emotional pain, clearing negative thoughts and body cleansing. We heal the physical body from negativity and duality in order to absorb and receive the wisdom of the soul. With the Storm we learn about the ability for unity that takes place from the inside to the outside. Working into our inner depths is necessary in order to receive the gifts of the soul that await us. Things "are cooking" within us and then also change in reality itself, in the events and with our surroundings. We are now invited to consciously increase the closeness and listening in our relationships until we become in the solution the hearty DOG ​​with the wide and open heart to himself and the environment. The deep inner work can cause imbalance and so it is worth avoiding emphasising negative definitions such as difficulty and discomfort and instead allowing ourselves to rest, observe and learn. You can use plants, movement, meditation and any way that raises our level of energy. As the Storm heals, our frequency is becoming subtle and the nervous system relaxes. Today we will breathe Storm from head to toe and imagine a purple flame that heals every cell in our bodies. We will allow the storm to accurate and refine our intentions and fill us with renewed energy. We will breathe healing and see the beauty, talents and strengths that exist in us until we become the cosmic monkey who knows how to create something from nothing in this very moment. After the personal healing, we also send healing to people who are experiencing pain and sorrow, including the planet and all of humanity. We will have a healing wave with an experience of lasting unity. Amen.

The 30/9: The Wave Challenge with Sun Energy: The sun symbolizes the fire element and in the wave of healing from physical, emotional and thoughtful compressions, it’s challenges to remove from our path everything that extinguishes the pulsating fire of life in our hearts. We are about to experience the initiation of the fire during which we cure lies, manipulations and unfairness that result from identifying with our limited personality. Only the essence of the ego-free soul can survive the purification of the sun. The sun symbolizes abundant generosity resulting from a connection to high values ​​and ideals and challenges us to be generous to ourselves and the environment. An abundance of options always exists for all of us and one's success is not at the expense of the other. Gradually the sun teaches to release the limited relative thinking and towards the solution we realize that nothing is in relation to the other  or actually at the expense of someone else. The Learning is to focus on facts and common sense and the clarity soothes the emotional storm that blinds our eyes and allows the fire of life to come out into the world. The Sun connects to the inner fire and with it to power, generosity and focus that create heartfelt encounters with the surrounding. Today we will breathe Sun into all the cells in the body and make a list of topics that we need clarity with now. We will breathe a clarity of sunlight. The brilliance of clarity wakes in us the fire of life and the desire to simply live here, in this reality for all that is in it and enjoy what is possible.

1/10: Tone 3 in Dragon Energy: Purifying the depth of the storm requires moving to a loving, soft and accepting place within ourselves. The draconian softness allows for acceptance of ourselves just as we are right now, without the tendency to change, move or deny our feelings. The Storm wave teaches that in order to heal and be filled with the warmth of the sun, we must connect with the forgiving mother with the capacity to contain and support. We learn to let go of the constant self-criticism and with it the "unsuccessful", "can't" and "unable". The energy of the Dragon focuses us on what we already have in us and in this life and the focus on the real positive gives us energy and allows us to enjoy the only real present that exists. The intuition in the wave is directing to treat ourselves with motherly softness and nurture the aspects that now require strengthening in our lives. Maternal acceptance fills us with creativity and creates for us more and more possibilities that already exist, here under the nose. You can make a 'Charging Toys' list that connects us to the heart and every time our energy goes down, make sure to do something off the list. Today we will breath a draconian nurishment to all the body cells and be grateful for the wonderful things that exist right now, in us and in the reality of our lives.

2/10: Tone 4 in Wind Energy: On the day of mental sowing to solve the sun challenge, we learn to flow like a warm and caressing wind and express our truth lightly, pleasantly and directly. The Wind symbolizes a flowing communication capability and allows to speak in "all languages" of all people. We learn to express ourselves with clear logic and as a result the sun-like clarity permeates our thoughts and actions and opens up for us possibilities for creative realization. The Wind allows to reduce the heaviness of the busy mind that is over thinking and aim for the simplicity of common sense. The Wind teaches to move pleasantly and cheerfully from one condition to another like colorful hummingbirds, scattering the nectar of life that exists in us everywhere. Wind energy signifies the chest area and respiratory system. To connect to the inner fire we must remember to breathe. Most of us forget this while running daily, and thus stop the soul fire in us from shining out. Breathing allows new information to enter our mind and connect to the soul. Today we will take a few deep breaths of Wind and be filled with common sense, with the ability of accurate and clear expression, and joy of life.
3/10: Tone 5 in Night energy: The will power to heal with the Storm rests on a determined agreement to work on our inner fears. Night energy teaches that the pain we experience stems from deep patterns that are constantly 'taken over' us automatically and can be released by seeing their night light. We are in a wave of deep healing and the sun challenge brings out places where we feel stuck, uncreative and destructive of ourselves. These places always "sit" on topics that our soul seeks to learn here in this body. On the Day of Connection to the center Night allows "digging" deep in to our thoughts and feelings to get to the source of pain and through it, change a fundamentally recycled angle of view. Instead of emphasizing and empower the missing and the difficulties The night expands the information on patterns with new insights about the life lessons our soul has chosen to experience here. The process goes on to the ability to choose positive and wide angles of thought and with them the connection to intuition also takes place. The night symbolizes a "home" that does not depend on the outside and that is within us, in our wide heart. It allows us to feel at home in the physical body that has carried us faithfully over the years, in the physical home we live in which provides us with a quiet and pleasant corner to chill and relax in, and in general in this miraculous universe for its many shades and colors. Today we will breathe Night and “dig deep” inside. We will seek to feel comfortable within ourselves and the reality of our lives. We will breathe until we connect to the voice of intuition.
4/10: Tone 6, in Seed Energy: The seed teaches the art of change and sows in us the knowledge that every change brings with it growth, love and development. The healing process is gradually penetrating multiple layers in everyday life and to increase the soul-bonding experience in this body of ours, it is time to release the grip on the familiar and known and open to the unknown infinity. After becoming stronger with the soft being of the Dragon, the communication in the Wind and knowledge of the Night, the Seed arrives and invites us to acknowledge the important fact that "change is the only constant in the universe." We are organizing the details of life so that we can connect with the deeper message of the wave and towards the pack, sow the changes now required for our growth and open up to renewable possibilities of movement and creation. To support the healing of relational pattern thinking, the Seed cleans today from our physical environment everything that prevents us from changing. Towards the peak we Start to realize that here under the nose there are many more wonderful possibilities for us and it is wonderful and exciting to discover :-) On balancing day we will breathe seed, open to growth opportunities and sow targets for renewal.
 5/10: Tune 7 in Serpent Energy: Gate day: The Healing of the Storm is intended to teach us to live here in this body with the full senses and instincts and to inhale with a smile the wonderful gifts of life. The Serpent allows for creation of direct communication between the brain and body cells and in today's gate teaches to connect the purity of thought to physical existence. At the pack of the process, it connects us to the soul knowledge inherent in our DNA spools in the body and releases excessive addictions and desires that we have developed in the material. The dependency on the physical layer limits the connection to deeper layers. The "heaviness" of the healing process can lead to feelings of loneliness and alienation and the feeling that no one really understands us. The Serpent first teaches that each of us is a whole world and we always have our own finest company. During the wave it also invites to notice that we are loved and supported and in fact we are not really alone. Stopping the internal discussion about our difference uniqueness connects to the pulsing fire in us and releases the need for certifications and compliance with norms. The serpent teaches that the expression of the fire of life is possible when we walk in our authentic path, even if it is different from the mood of the comprehensive normative society. At the gate of the day we will breathe a Serpent and direct our actions to empower the life force in the body. The serpent vitality release dissatisfaction and fills with power. We will breathe and experience the wisdom of the soul in the body, we will thank for the privilege to live in it, and cherish every small moment.

6/10: Tone 8 in WorldBridger Energy: On the day of Integrity, WorldBridger allows to examine how much we have touched the source and that we treat the main issue and not the symptom. The healing process seeks to cure pain that has been bothering us lately and patterns that have not disappeared from our lives yet. We are invited to ask ourselves today: "Did I already realize that the world is a stage and that I am the main actor in my movie?", "What trauma and negative patterns are still automatically triggering me in my doing”? “Who much did I touch the source of my pain, and not only the symptoms”? "Am I generally calm and at ease during the day"?, "Am I easily flowing from situation to another"?, "How much do I accept those around me just as they are?" WorldBridger teaches that every end is a beginning of something else and so we do not need to cling firmly to the familiar, ordinary and known in advance. Today we will breathe a WorldBridger and imagine a white light that releases from us false beliefs and pain. Breath and discover that there are already a few new possibilities exist for us and that now is the time to take them happily.

7/10: Tone 9 in the Hand energy: The turning point in the 'plot' of the wave Starts with an inner force of true knowing of our needs and desires. The Hand teaches that it is time to trust ourselves that no matter what we encounter in life, we can deal with it. Might not be easy, but we can! When we listen to the inner knowing and flow while experimenting and doing, the tension in our lives is reduced, the concentration increases and so does the power for manifestation and creation. The Hand-doing energy allows to stop thinking about what will be in the desired virtual future and instead simply do ours in the existing realm. It teaches 'ticking' with pleasure the 'tasks' of life and reduces the stress and worry of the head busy with details, calculations and planning. Self-healing with the Storm and focus and sunlight clarity allows us to flow with the fire of the soul in the 'normal' reality and on decoding day we increase the confidence that we know what is right for us. Today we will breathe a practical knowledge with the Hand and think about our strengths. We will breathe and be filled with courage to act in accordance with inner knowledge and confidently leap into the fascinating sea of ​​life.

8/10: Tone 10 in the Star Energy: Gate day: The Star symbolizes Venus's beauty and love and in today's gate shows us the beauty and love that exist in us in particular and in life in general on all its shades. To respond to the renewed opportunities that exist for us here under the nose, the Star teaches to reignite the love that always exists in our hearts. On the mental level, it focuses us on what we have, what we love about ourselves and our lives and what we are pleased with. And for the accuracy of the process at the emotional level, it simply allows to be. The return to existing and the real facts with taking love gestures for ourselves, fills with the warmth of the soul's fire. Today we will breathe a Star and with it we will find and emphasize creative options and elegant solutions. There are endless ways for expression and the Star is sending us an abundance of artistic new ideas, so that we can go out into the world with the fire of soul beating in our hearts.

9/10: Tone 11 in the Moon's Energy: The Moon symbolizes the water element, in the water the personal and collective memories rests. On the releasing day it testifies that the connection to the Sun’s fire was halted in childhood districts. The healing of the storm reaches all layers and depths, and leading to a division between the adult and the sensitive child who's wearing masks and protective mechanisms to function in the survival world that surrounds him. These defenses are survival tactics that result from a lack of listening to the child's voice and are at the expense of internal fire and warmth. Today, as we are mature, understanding and strong, we can protect the sensitive and vulnerable child, be attentive to him and help him (ourselves) in distress situations that flood us. This understanding enables us to be confident with ourselves and to know we can trust ourselves. Listening to the voice inside connects to our immense soul. In fact, there really is no boundary that separates us from our soul that lives within us and exists in the child's intuitive voice. Today we will breathe a Moon and heal a trauma associated with our family karma. We will feel painful information being released and experience inner calm, anchor and stability. We will breathe and listen to the child’s voice that opens us to light movement. Sharpen our absorption sensors for the signs and messages that are sent to us in the moment and flow with wisdom, balance and pleasure in the wonderful realities of life.

The 10/10: Tone 12 in the Dog's Energy: In Resolving the Storm Wave, we became best friends with ourselves. The wave began with a deep dive with the Storm and continued to reveal the needs and desires pulsating in our hearts with the Sun. We have learned to remain attentive to ourselves in the realities laden with details and in the solution we have become fair and balanced people who experience with open hearts, warmth and a sense of realization and satisfaction in everyday life. The wave healing process results in a renewed internal connection where we lean on ourselves and stop moving energy to the outside. We have learned that all processes happen in us and that in order to experience clarity, we must heal the emotional storm screen that blinds our eyes, including anger, moods, and pain. The dramas and the casting of our restlessness on the other, have restricted us from experiencing the diversity we are offered. Releasing the dependence on the energy of the environment allows for an experience of intimacy with ourselves and the emotional open to the others. We have been challenged to be filled with the Sun’s warmth and in the solution we are true to our desires and we are also full of warmth, generosity and caring for the environment and the world. Today we will breathe a Dog, experience our hearts expand in heartfelt connections with the environment and be excited by the love frequency that exists in us.

11/10: Tune 13 in Monkey Energy: At the end of the wave we are directly connected to the knowledge of the soul and experience a sense of inner freedom. The Monkey is the genius that exists in each of us that creates something from nothing out of connection to the soul’s inspiration. The healing process with the Storm cleared a huge amount of pain from the body's cells and opened the possibility of our presence in the moment. The challenge of the Sun has taught us to think logically and to articulate the fire burning in us. When life events are clear to us, we express the inner Sun’s fire with unique originality, without emotional and thoughtful burdance and simply create more and more. At the end of the wave Monkey allows to take life's events lightly, and offers to replace the tense heaviness and exhausting conduction from one task to another, with the spirit of nonsensical creativity and originality. The wave started with an internal Storm and ends with a festive 'Monkey’ fanfare. The inner trust and anchor that we have gradually built up within us allows us to jump with pleasure into the sea of ​​reality and play the game of life. The self-confidence and emotional intelligence that the monkey today symbolizes allows us to weave our reality wisely, to connect the various forces that work on us and to move playfully between the stages of life. Today we will breathe a Monkey into all the cells of the body, connect with the soul's creativity and just have fun:)


The Storm wave is ending and we are preparing and welcoming upcoming wave, the wave of Human.


Wishing us all a healing and creative Storm wave

And a connection to the powerful fire in us!

Blessings and love,