The Mayan Prediction

Time to light the fire of the sun:
The wave of the sun connects to the inner fire element, enabling us to shine from the connection to our immense soul that is not bound to time and space and to bring down to earth our far-reaching ideals. The intention of the wave is to fill our lives with a refined vibration that illuminates new and deep layers that we have not yet been exposed to. Mayans teach that what we see in the physical world is only a tiny part of our visual abilities. The golden sun shines far beyond the familiar light of the solar rays. We are opened to a light of new information of love and to the knowledge that in each and every one there is a bright and radiant sun. Within this physical body exists a gateway to the delicate frequencies of the soul. The Dragon challenge intensifies the constant struggle within us between the connection to the authentic, childlike part and the detached automatic gear that is afraid to feel pain. It floods the conflict between listening to the voices of the world, parents, rules and the systems to the inner voice that always accompanies us. Inner doubts and inhibitions do not allow us to experience the love of the soul that exists in us from the moment we were born and forever. In the wave of the Sun we learn to flow from the soft-hearted Dragon intuition and not from the rigid dictates of external laws. We connect with the light that exists in our hearts and that is sufficient to illuminate everything we desire. Amen!

21/8: Tone 1, the first day in the Sun's wave: the sun today allows us to see the light inside us and the possibilities that exist and to fill with hope from inside. Each of us is a mighty soul within a separate physical self. The sun teaches to harmonize between it and thoughts, words and deeds. She is the goddess of flowers and symbolizes the perfection and harmony that exists in the flower. Each time we enter a field of flowers, the variety of shapes and colors excites our hearts. In fact, flowers are perfect geometric textures that open us to a heartfelt experience of unity. In the wave of the sun we become a flower that gazes with wonder at what exists in its life and sees the perfection that exists in creation for its infinite individual forms. The word perfect can be confusing because it creates another thinking obsession of an ideal that does not necessarily exist. We learn to be complete with ourselves and with what is already in us and in our lives in this very moment, to experience satisfaction and to stop setting ourselves and others an impossible threshold of criteria. We are now miraculous and connected to our souls regardless of anything external. After the intense wave of hand in which we've learned to flow with our desire, the sun helps decide what we should focus on now and accurating and clarifying aspects of our changing reality. It attracts a warm, creative and hot fire that penetrates every layer and helps to resolve confusion. After a process of inquiry, we learn to listen to the fire of the vitality and allow the solar harmony to permeate our actions and connect us to inner time. Today, we will breathe Sun and say: 'I’m satisfied with myself and my life'. We will experience warmth, connect with the love of the soul and move freely, with focus and generous abundance towards us and those around us. Imagine a golden sun above our heads and allow it to enlighten us from within.

22/8: Tone 2 of Dragon Energy Guided by SkyWalker: In the hearts of us all, exists a pure, loving place that is connected to the immense soul that cannot be touched. With the sun pushing for heartfelt intent and accuracy in thoughts, words and deeds, the Dragon energy shows where we are still full of self-criticism and internal rigidity. In order to synchronize our personality with the essence of the soul, we learn to release self-destruction of negative thoughts, including the prison of exhausting voices from the outside. The various fears are projected into the world as a holographic image, encountering mass in space and returning to us as reality. Like the butterfly effect that goes through spaces, so do our words-expressed thoughts create our reality and therefore '’words can kill”. When we understand the power inherent in the internal projecting we transmit to the universe, we make sure to use positive words till we reach the ability to create our desires in no time (Amen). The Dragon is a receiving feminine energy that feeds with warmth and love its soft baby and teaches to nourish our bodies in what revives it, our souls in love and our thoughts in inspiration and what makes us smile. It's our personal choice where we judge and judgment is actually a violent act. The recognition that we are the sole chooser and creator is realized at the moment of acceptance where one can notice how our desires are created in the wonderful synchronization of the beat of life. SkyWalker, the guide teaches that our creating abilities will be strengthened as we keep clear boundaries and make sure we listen to our needs. In the emotional automats we all have a tendency to self-destruct and sometimes we put ourselves in real abuse situations. SkyWalker allows for a determined and decisive anchor capable of saying assertive "no" to anyone and anything and what doesn't suit them. In the gate challenge, he asks that we "make sure" to do exactly what is good and pleasant for us, without feeling guilty, weird, or putting another title on our desires. When we treat our desires with the full 'seriousness', the noise in our minds is becoming smaller and a space for learning and connecting open for us. Today we will breathe a Dragon into the abdomen and do a scan of everything there is and say: "As I am the best there is right now," we will feel warmth spreading and relaxing.
23/8: Tone 3, with the energy of Wind guided by the WorldBridger: the Wind connects to the breath and the soul, when in fact in every inhale we breath to soul. On the day of flow through conscious breathing we increase awareness to the presence of our soul in the body. We are invited to breathe the wind of the soul and get options for creative expression. The Wind symbolizes the principle of communication and teaches to express our truth in a logical and clear way in all languages. Instead of automatically and subjectively translating real facts, the Wind fills us with common sense and with the ability to observe facts and develop logical sequences upon them. The Wind symbolizes the colorful hummingbird that happily bounces around from one thing to another. In the wave of the Sun we need the active masculine energy of the Wind so that we can fuel the fire of femanin creation in us. It blows air into our lungs, fills our minds with renewed information and allows to express them pleasantly, sharply and with humor. The WorldBridger guides to heal deep pain with traumatic memory that causes incessant criticism and pushes to release thought patterns that are no longer appropriate for our lives. We learn that everything depends on how we think. Today we will breathe the Wind of the soul into the body cells and with its inspiration we will act like a warm, pleasant and caressing Wind. We will breathe a bridger and seek to heal deep pain that prevents us from self-love.
According to Chinese wisdom, energy these days is called "wind," "penetrating influance" "delicate," (Hexagram 57), whereby we must follow the path of the gentle and incessant wind (wind 3), set clear goals for ourselves, and sustain them over time (Guided by SkyWalker). Success comes gradually and brings with it a growing clarity of our purpose (Sun 1). Time requires patience, long-term commitment, and a vision of what we ultimately want to achieve (Dragon 2).
24/8: Gate: Tone 4, with the energy of Night guided by storm: The night puts us deep into the sacred hall in our hearts and connects the "learning" and the “being”. Through renewed information it enables us to learn about the soul issues that we must realize and understand in this body and in this life. We enter a deep personal inquiry that teaches about ourselves, our emotional reactions, and our ways of thinking. There is great darkness in the great world that manifests itself in wars, economic crises, illnesses, feelings of despair, isolation and destruction. The collective and personal darkness stems from a lack of information and disconnection from the light of the soul inside us. In order to see with the sun whatever exists as a whole, we must look into the depth of information that exists in us and identify patterns that unconsciously trigger us and cause us to repeat the same lessons over and over. Self-destruction comes from the pain that scares us. With the help of the night we reach the source of the pain, understand the subject of the soul and extend the perspective to a sense of comfort and home from within. The night energy is also called "home" and allows us to feel at home in the body that carries us faithfully over the years, in our physical home where we rest and create and on the planet in general, each of which is a unique, special and beautiful part of it. The storm guidance strengthens healing and clears mental and physical compression. It connects to a clean and simple place in the heart that gives us trust in ourselves and the world and jumps excitedly into the fascinating waters of life. In a relaxed and homey space, today we will breathe Night and focus on healing and expanding our perspective. When we experience relaxation, abundance comes to us easily. We’ll breathe in and with the sunlight we will receive the abundance of gifts that await us within us.
25/8: Tone 5, in the energy of Seed  guided by Human: We learn how to connect to the sunlight in our hearts and so the seed pushes to agree to a fundamental change and even motivates to create it. Most often we are afraid to change the frameworks, habits and 'laws' that we have become accustomed to living by. We move in automatic gear and compromise on a lot of things because they are in the known and familiar range. The 'obsessive' grip in permanent situations prevents us from connecting with great power. With the seed we learn that every change is for the better and that flowing with life changes creates happy surprises. We learn to flow, let go and grow instead of acting from rigid patterns that accompany us for years. On the day of connection to the center it allows you to absorb the profit inherent in the changes. Recognizing the positive growth that occurs during our transformation and the developmental sequence that we have undergone in the months and years that have passed, we connect to the receiving femanin power. Human today guides us to walk smartly in our path with our eyes wide open to the abundance of opportunities that are constantly emerging. It allows to accept the path we have chosen and also ways different from ours. When we neutralize subjective judgments and accept the 'person as an individual', our influence and fruitful collaborations with those around us grow. Today we will breathe a seed and say: 'I agree to change.' Then we will breathe human light and experience a sense of joy for all that exists in us. We begin to move with an open heart and allow changes to take place now.
26/8: Tone 6, with the energy of a Serpent guided by Serpent: Today's flow with the positive, the colorful Serpent appears and connects us to the pulse of life in the body. We live here on earth in a dual reality within a human body and the Serpent allows us to celebrate the existence in this body. Throughout the wave the sun brings light and heat, and for us to be able to contain the warm fire, the Serpent teaches to connect the brain to the body cells and to take joy in the physical reality. It instills in our bodies the joy of life and can simply adjust to the organization and accuracy of the processes that are going on now. The Dragon challenge that teaches to accept yourself just as we are, is possible when we are present in the body and recognize and welcome our uniqueness. Just as we are - we are absolutely necessary to the entire universe! Instead of emphasizing the differences and the lack of belonging, the Serpent teaches to focus on our authenticity and powers. Instead of comparing ourselves and trying to live up to external norms and laws, the Serpent connects to individuality and our unique desires. Today we will breathe a Serpent, and say: "I want to live" and experience a pulsing heartbeat in our hearts. We will breathe and acknowledge this precious life and the unique role that is reserved just for us, in the universe's processes range.

According to Chinese wisdom, energy these days is called "potential energy" (Hexagram 26), whereby we now have a powerful energy that may set far-reaching tasks (seed 5). According to the Chinese the ability to control our forces, aiming and restraining them results in great success (Serpent 6). We need to reassess the goals we set for ourselves, to examine whether they are worthy and for the greater good of all concerned. This observation leads to self-realization (Dragon 2). It’s time for a meaningful breakthrough (Night 4) that can completely change our lives (Seed 5).
27/8: Tone 7, with the energy of a WorldBridger guided by Mirror: The Bridger at the peak of the wave enables to realize that life is a stage and we are the main actors. We choose which movie to participate and also develop and create the different scripts. We all live in one big, recycled movie under the emotional patterns that were created in our childhood and it's time to change the scenarios that aren't pleasing to us. It’s all a matter of choice where to live from, from what is lacking and limiting or from what exists and possible. The bleeding wounds from childhood often leave us with the same limited and automatic choices. The connection to the soul exists at any moment and through the healing of painful memories of the body one can stop identifying with the movie. Therefore at the peak of the connection process to the shining sun, WorldBridger helps to heal deep pain. The guiding Mirror energy, is a symbol of the endless reflections that teach us about ourselves and the patterns that afflict us. Instead of losing energy on implications and translations, we understand that each one has its own movie. Each one and the role that he chooses to take in his life and nothing is truly personal or aimed against us. The peak of the wave shows that most humans are "confined" within a limited information system on which they grew up. During the wave hanging with friends, acquaintances, and family enables neutralizing mental judgement and limited values ​​and connects to the sun’s generosity in our hearts. Everyone walks around in your own 'bubble' and the consequences can be let go and just be, who we are, peaceful, present and happy for the moment. Today we will breathe a Bridger, imagine a white light in every cell in the body and allow healing to take place. Then we’ll bearth Mirror and Say: "I see through the mirrors" and we will lovingly accept all humans.

28/8: Tone 8, in the energy of Hand guided by Monkey. On the day of integrity, the hand invites us to investigate the internal inhibitions that keep us from flowing like a wave of interest to interest while brilliantly expressing our skills. We are invited to ask ourselves today: "Am I acting for the sake of doing? or for the sake of the result?", "Am I being loyal to my inner knowledge"? “Am i worrying and stressing myself? Or am i practically doing what's possible to promote my desires?” "Do I give a place to vulnerability, sensitivity and humanity in me and flow at the right pace to me?”, "Do I express my creativity and originality in my daily activities?", “am I attuned to the intuitive knowledge in the body? Or am i being ran by the head?” “Am I taking anything seriously? or am I also enjoying the fascinating game of life?” On decoding day the Hand reminds us that it doesn't matter what we do but how we do it. The Sun flow teaches to fully intent in any moment rather than being managed automatically by the loaded mind. The guiding Monkey allows you to have fun with everything that is happening now and move to places that are fun, easy and pleasant for us. Life is meant to play and the monkey invites you to enjoy the little 'nonsense' of life. Today we will breathe the Hand’s knowledge into the body cells and connect to an inner force that knows how to move from point to another in connection with the authentic desires. Then we will breathe a Monkey and experience a connection to the ingenious inspiration that exists in us.

29/8: Tone 9, in the energy of a Star guided by Seed: The star energy that symbolizes Venus, the top of harmony and beauty in the world, connects us to the center of the heart that projects light and love. He teaches to re-ignite the love frequency available to us at any given moment. It is not about loving ourselves, but about connecting with the love that is always within us that allows feeling inner warmth and softness. In order to illuminate us, we must release darkness from our thinking and on the day of decoding the star charges us with optimism. When we emphasize the positive and focus on what there is, we accept ourselves as we are and life is filled with more and more “existing”. We open to the vision of the soul which is the broad, beautiful and generous “Venus” place in all of us. The guiding Seed teaches that 'change is the only constant thing in the universe' and indicates a huge potential for renewal. He fills us with courage to change and act in a deliberate way to sow our dreams. Now is the time to let go of a habit or situation that has become an automaton and instead weaving a new creation into our lives. We learn to flex beyond our safe habits. As we flow with the opportunities that pop up without pre-narrowing the way things are supposed to happen, we experience the love of the Star. Today we are invited to breathe a Star, to be filled with the energy of love and beauty and to transmit positive patterns. Then we will Breath a Seed and say: "Every change brings joy, happiness and love to my life" and "I agree to change."

30/8: Tone 10, Moon energy guided by Erath. On the day of accurating the process, the Moon helps heal an old wound that inhibits the connection to the fire of the soul. We would all like to be positive and roll like a ball in the reality of life, open to endless possibilities. But inside us we have a sensitive child who is experiencing pain and afraid of being hurt again. Identification with the pain causes us to be ran by defence mechanisms that reduce our self-listening and the possibilities that exist for us, here under our nose. The Moon allows us to be attentive to the inner truth and teaches that the child's voice should be the one that guides us everyday because it is the most vibrant and wise part of us. When the adult part agree to console, contain, and listen to the childish part, a Dragon nurturing calmness is created within us that flows with full force of fire. When we choose situations that fit our rhythm and style, we are filled with motivation to live and move like a wave that changes every moment. The
Moon symbolizes a communications station and expands the ability to transmit and receive signals that the universe is sending us. The guiding Earth also brings new information that is intended for our inner awakening. It makes it possible to translate the messages that are sent to us practically so that we become stronger, we synchronize details in our reality and flow out of the internal fire. Beyond personal growth, we are also invited to contribute in our unique ways for the development of the entire human consciousness. The more many of us will transmit thought patterns of peace, love and solutions, the more the sun will bring heat to our hearts. Today we will breathe a Moon into all the body cells, hug with tender warmth the wonderful child within us and receive signs for the road ahead.

According to Chinese wisdom, the energy that now accompanies us is called the "source" (Hexagram 48), whereby there is a source (Sun 1) that contains the collective truth of the human race which receives from the individual's experience and gives the individual's nature. The penetration into the source of the human race's intricacies allows for the personal needs and desires (Moon 10) to be met and a sincere touch on the depths of the emotions of ourselves and our human brothers (Dog 11). Real cooperation with the Karma partners (Hand 8) is now required for us to realize our goals and experience universal truths in our lives (Star 9).

August 31st: Gate: Tune 11 in the energy Dog guided by Dog: "love your neighbor as yourself" was said, but it turns out that it is very difficult to love ourselves as we love the other. Therefore, in the wave in which we learn to accept ourselves, the sentence can be understood as: "accept your neighbor as yourself". Sometimes we forget "yourself" and find ourselves filled with self-criticism and frustration that drive us to extreme dramas. The dog teaches to stop depending on attention and approvals from the environment and become the good friends, approvers and supporters who recognize the wonders in us. Usually we are not connected to ourselves and longing for love from the outside. The dog teaches that nothing happens out there. Everything happens between ourselves. Inside us is an endless source of inner love. When we listen to our desires and needs, our hearts open to others as well. When we love ourselves, we can give love to our relatives and friends as well. Instead of pleasing those around and being drawn to the dramatic dynamics of implications, translations and accounting, the dog allows to listen to the subtleties of our needs and flow in the middle way that is right for us. On gate day today we will breathe Dog to the center of the heart and say - 'I am open' and feel how our heart is open.
1/9: Gate Day: Tune 12 in Monkey Energy guided by Night: The Monkey in the solution solemnly connects to our immense soul through it to the genius and creativity in us. The Sun attracted hot fire and in the solution it becomes a 'money-like' creative energy in an amused movement by the game of life and open to the creation from nothing. By emphasizing what exists we’ve reached self-acceptance and balanced nurturing of various parties in us. When we are charged from within without being dependent on external approval and reinforcement, we connect to the beating source of life and our originality is expressed. The Night guideing the Solution indicates that with our expanded consciousness we have been able to heal a painful pattern that has been narrowing us. The Dragon challenge has developed an inner strength and power in us to greet the painful places in us. The night energy is an allegory to a cave that after staying in its darkness, the light emerges. In the wave of the Sun slowly and gradually we were able to see the light in the soul lessons and remove the patterned night fog and in the solution we are connected to a sharp intuition and gain access to the soul’s light. We are invited to create a sacred night hall today, to look inside and connect to the inner Ten Commandments and to a high vision for ourselves and humanity. We will breathe a monkey, experience a sense of calmness and flow with pleasure and ease in the exciting reality of life.

2/9: Tone 13, The end of the Sun wave comes with a Human guided by Warrior: Human in Tone 13 symbolizes a hearty man who loves every person as he is and is grateful for his path in this life. The wave of the sun makes us a human full of wisdom who dares to express with pleasure and elegance his deep inner truth. The Dragon challenge created an internal war between the norm, parent and society voices and our clean and authentic inner voice. Between mental manipulations with self-renunciation and connection to an intuitive voice that simply knows.The wave process enabled us to let go of criticism by nonjudgmental acceptance of what we feel and have in our lives. This is how we can move to another way of conducting the sun that shines in our hearts. Today's guiding warrior articulates his inner voice and symbolizes a kind of personal "triumph" over conducting out of automatic patterns. We have learned to listen to the body's knowledge of intuition and neutralize the skeptic mind vibrations. The struggle between the desire and need comes to a solution when we heal the automatic needs, let go of limiting habits and listen to our desire of the moment. 

The sun’s push leads to a human antity full of wisdom who rejoices in the exact opportunities that come its way and acknowledges the right to life in a human body. Today we will breathe Human into the entire body, seek to break known boundaries and connect to the guidance of our vast soul.


The Sun wave is ending and we are preparing and welcoming the next wave, The Skywalker wave.

Wishing all of us
A bright and empowering solar wave.
With love and blessing, Talia.