The Mayan birthday – the Mayan destiny and sign
In parallel to the familiar modern astrology, the Mayans developed a multidimensional astrology, where each of us has a personal destiny map that distinguishes us. The galactic birthday symbolizes the day when the soul first began the process of its descent into the material. The soul is pure energy and the spark which unites us all. This pure energy exists in infinite forms of light. The galactic birthday enables us to experience the quality of the divine spark that is within us and that does not change until the karma is erased.
In essence, we are all one; one that has an infinite number of forms. Each of us is unique, unparalleled in the whole world and irreplaceable. Through the various maps we learn about the uniqueness that is within the unity. Once we know the galactic birthday, we are able to know ourselves -  our individual qualities from various aspects and we can engage with the journey that is unique to us. Through learning the basic qualities, the potential with which we came into the world, we learn to flow into the way and ride our “wave”. The galactic birthday is a combination of a glyph and tone – k’in, which is slotted on the Tzolk’in calendar from which we experience the rest of the k’ins. This is our personal perspective.
The possibility to relate to one another through the Mayan symbols changes our perception of the human beings around us. Once we understand that each of us has come here with specific information on the "positive" and the "negative" within them, we change our perspective of the different people. Gradually, the comparison and judging processes stop and eventually we are able to accept everyone genuinely for who they are.
Importantly, the galactic birthday calculation is just the beginning of the process. The more one learns and experiences the icons, the better they are able to be expanded their perspective and learn about further qualities that characterize them.